Gate of Salvation / Eglise Porte du Salut
Making Disciples for Jesus Christ
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Gate of Salvation Ministry was founded in March 16, 2003.

Pastor Jean- Pierre Poteau, and his wife Josette S. Poteau felt deeply in their heart that there was a need for this church in the Norcross area.

 It is called Gate of Salvation Haitian Community Church.  

God had equipped them (Pastor Poteau and his wife) with all the tools necessary to help them plant this church. I always hear Pastor Poteau say that ‘this is not about me, it is about Jesus, the King of kings, the Gate and only Gate of Salvation.  

Also, the idea ‘it’s not about me’ has its root back in the years 1995–1996 when Pastor Poteau started his ministry via an open-line radio talk show in Brockton, Massachusetts called ‘Bible Talk’ (kite Bib la pale). He had the opportunities to discuss several topics which the main theme was ‘Get off Religion, and Come to Christ’ (Soti anba Religion, Antre anba Jesus). In fact, so many denominations still enslave themselves under Religion Master.
They proudly continue to preach religious beliefs covered with power of Jesus Christ, instead the other way around. It is time to extinguish pride and religion, to let the Bible speaks for itself. I believe the Word of God is self-sufficient and powerful enough to stand on His own.